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Bantam | AGES 13 & 14

Bantam  is the division after PeeWee and is for 13  and 14 year old players.   

Our Bantam  teams consist of 15 to 17 players who play in the Little Caesar's Amatuer Hockey or other league with some travel required.   Tems may also opt out of Little Caesars and be a select/tournament team.

The hockey season begins at the end of August and ends Mid March

The team practice times vary throughout the week and are a mixture of 65 and 80 minute practices.  One practice per week may be shared. 

Beginning in September, there is a monthly ice fee that is separate from the initial registration fee $305*/month for Bantams.
The monthly ice fee is paid September through February
There will be a separate registration to set up your monthly ice payment via sportsengine.   This is available mid August.  

Please email office@kvhockey,org if you have more questions or would like additional information. 

We have a great program at KV and hope that you consider joining our hockey family.  

Parent coaches are welcome and needed on the ice to help run the skates.  All participants must be registered with USA Hockey and complete the necessary coaching modules.   

Everyone on the ice must wear a helmet! 

KVHA is located in MAHA's District 4.  Primarily our players reside in District 4 and there are rules for Out of District Players. 
Every Bantam and younger Team is only allowed 3 Out of District Players.    
There are no guarantees that we can place Out of District players
You can learn more here
If you are Out of District but your home is located closer to KVHA or HIH on google maps than your in-district rink, you may qualify for an in-district spot.  


*costs listed here are from the current season and are subject to change every season. 

Season Timing

June 1 - KVHA registration for the Fall/Winter season opens
All players must be registered to be placed on a team   
  • June 1 thru June 30 $195* -  Early registration
  • July 1 thru July 31 $245
  • August 1 or later $295
Registration fees cover many things including your player jerseys and socks 
All players need full hockey equipment to participate 
End of July -  Conditioning Skates 
These are basic skill skates to help players get acclimated, make sure their equipment fits and are all about about having fun! 
Beginning  to mid -August - Evaluation Skates
Bantam players are given one overall rating taking into account the following attributes or skills  
  • Skating overall including backward  
  • Stopping, balance and getting up
  • Stick and Puck 
  • Enthusiasm/Attention Span
  • Positioning /Play making
  • More advanced concepts/Hockey IQ
In the event we have two teams, we  "draft" our Bantam teams based on the skill level of the kids to ensure that we do not have a stacked team.
3rd week in August - Team drafts
Coaches , KVHA Board Members and staff only need to attend
After the draft, players receive team assignments and ice schedules through Sept 
3rd Sunday in August - Teams first skate
September 1 - First Ice Payment due
Mid-September - the schedule for October through March will be posted and sent.  

*costs listed here are from the current season and are subject to change every season. 

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The LCAHL season structure is as follows.

Late July - Early August - LCAHL League Team Registration opens

September and October  Scrimmages

October to January- LCAHL Regular Season
January and February - LCAHL 1st Round Playoffs
March - LCAHL Championship weekends (dates vary by division and locations vary)


MAHA Districts and State Tournament dates

In addition to league play, KVHA is allowed to send two teams per division to participate in MAHA District pay for a chance to go to the MAHA State Tournament!

January - First Round District Games
Last weekend in January or 1st weekend in February - Second Round of Districts (locations vary)
Superbowl weekend – District 4 Hockey Day/weekend    
Mid February - MAHA runners up Playoffs  

End of February into March - State Championship (dates vary by division and are held at several locations throughout Michigan).