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Out of District & Closest to the Rink Requirements

MAHA Out of District Player Exceptions


The following outlines MAHA rules related to  Out of District Players.

These are eligibility rules for teams to participate in their league or in the MAHA Districts, States and Nationals.  

More information on those Tournaments and the qualification process can be found HERE 

Out of District Boundary Information

The Kensington Valley Hockey Association is located in MAHA's District 4.

All residents of Livingston and Oakland Counties and residents of Redford Twp., Livonia, Plymouth, Plymouth Twp., Canton Twp., Northville, Northville Twp., and the entire city of Birmingham. except: those residents of Oakland County in cities / townships east of the north/south vertical line formed by Greenfield, Adams, Kern and Barr Roads from the Wayne County line to the District 5 border are designated as District 3 except those residents of Oakland County in the townships of Brandon, Groveland, Holly, and Oxford, and all communities within them, are designated as District 5.

A player is a resident of the District in which he/she resides. In cases of divorced parents, the player may be recognized to play as an “In District” player in either of the Districts in which the parents reside. Once the player chooses, the player will remain as an “In District” player, for that District only, for the balance of the regular season.

Michigan resident players of any age classification are permitted to play for an Association/Club that has the rink closet to their residence, based on Google maps point to point distance, and will not be counted as an out of District player if it is beyond District boundaries. Player residence documentation must be provided at the time of team registration with MAHA/USA Hockey and a Closest to the rink exception must be filed with MAHA .

There are no Out of District rules for 8 & younger teams

Each Boy's Team  and co-ed/boys house team 10U through 14U may have no more than three (3) players who reside outside the District in which the team is registered.

Girls hockey has no district limitations, but you cannot have more than three (3) players who reside outside of the state. 

In the 16U (Midget) classification teams will be allowed six (6) players who reside outside the district in which the team is registered.   The State Playoff Committee has no authority to consider or grant an exception to this rule.


For the House division there are no guarantees that we can place Out of District players on Squirt, PeeWee or Bantam teams.  House Players are prioritized based on their paid registration date and time and in or out of district status.   As well, returning KVHA players, and their family members, registering before July 15 will be given priority over new players.