Must be completed prior to the start of the current season

You only need to take the module for the age level you are coaching

Modules are 8U, 10/12U, 13+ 

$10-$12 for each online age module

Takes about 2-3 hours to complete each age module

Once completed takes 24-72 hours to show up in USA Hockey system

At the 8 & Under level, once you complete your 8U age module, you will not have to take another until your child moves up to the 10U level.

**If a coach has taken the 10U module and moves up to 12U they will need to take the new 10/12U module.

**If a coach has taken the 14U module they do not need to do the new 13+ module if the coach is still coaching a 14U team.

**If a coach has taken the 16/18/19 module and the coach is coaching a 14U team that coach will have to take the 13+ module.

**A coach does not need to take the 13+ module if the coach has a 16/18/19 module and is coaching a 16/18/19 team.

Coaches moving up in age division for the Spring season must also complete that age module PRIOR to the start of the Spring season