House Division Play - Up Program

The Kensington Valley Hockey Association (KVHA) recognizes, that in rare and specific cases, it can be appropriate and beneficial to a player’s development for him or her to Play-Up to the next age Classification. However, a balance needs to be struck to avoid placing the desire of a player above the legitimate opportunity for that individual to be successful in an older age classification.

While KVHA does support Play-Up Requests, KVHA does frown upon a child losing the opportunity to play hockey because a Play-Up takes an available slot within a division.  In these cases, the Play-Up Request must demonstrate that their current abilities would undermine the balance of competitiveness within their current age appropriate division.  To demonstrate that they are capable, any player wishing to play up must attend at least one draft/rate skate at their current division and for the division in which they are requesting to be moved. This is the only way that a Play-Up player would be given priority of an already age appropriate player within a division.

In all cases, player priority is based on their registration date. A player playing up will not supersede any other player who registered earlier in either division.

A player will only be permitted to Play-Up one division. This will apply at Mite, Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam Divisions.

Click here to read and consider this article from USA Hockey regarding playing up

Play-Up requests must be received before the House Evaluation skates so that the player's skill level may be assessed.    Play-Up requests received after this time cannot be honored. 

Please complete the information requested below to make a formal request for your child to be considered to play up a division.