The evaluation skates are where the association is able to rate kids to create a fair and impartial draft.  Again, all players must be registered with KVHA and USA Hockey to participate in evaluation skates.  We utilize both professional coaches as well as volunteers to conduct the evaluation skates.   

The evaluators will rate players based on 5-6 different skills.  These ratings will be combined to arrive at an average rating to be used in the draft.

In viewing hundreds of kids during the evaluation skates, as well as being seasoned hockey professionals, the PuckMaster's staff is able to pick out sandbaggers.  These players will be rated based on the evaluator’s perceived player skill level.  The draft provides coaches with a “window” of only three times the number of teams (6 teams = 18 player options per pick) to choose from, thus limiting the chance of sandbag or sleeper picks.

Players who miss all evaluations skates will not be included in the draft.  These players will be assigned to teams after the draft based on their registration date, continuing in line with the team order used in the draft.  This is done to avoid over/under evaluating these players.