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At this time registration is OPEN
12 weeks for $150 
 6 week program $90  
Program#3   January 7 thru February 18  
Sessions are once a week on Saturdays at 830am or 930am
at the KV Ice House 
10540 Citation Drive; Brighton 48116
930am session is for the more advance skill level players
Our Learn to Play program is for kids ages 4-10 that will provide a fun and memorable experience for them that starts a life long passion for the sport of hockey.  
In this program, over the course of the season, your children will continue learning to skate, stop, fall and get up, plus learn the basics of hockey and using a stick and puck while skating.   They are one big team with groups of kids working in stations eventually working up to playing in their first scrimmage game.  
Your child must be able to skate unassisted & stop in a controlled manner before registering for the program  
For information on Learn to Skate at KVIH click here
All players must wear full hockey equipment to participate in this program
scroll down for rental equipment information

Why Hockey?

Hockey develops life skills that build a foundation for a child's confidence, pride, focus and responsibility.
Starting with the bonds created in the locker room to the relationships formed on the ice, hockey creates friendships that last a lifetime.
Hockey's unique structure ensures that your child learns to love the game while promoting a healthy lifestyle, social wellness and mental well-being.
The encouraging environment hockey provides helps kids grow as both hockey players and people. 

 Learn to play hockey participants  must be able to skate, or at least be out on the ice independently without a pusher/assistance and they also must be able to stop in a controlled manner.  Click here to find out about Learn to Skate.

Our Learn to Play sessions can have up to 40 kids; they work as one large group with all of the coaches help, or they break out into smaller groups with one or two coaches at each station.  Our Director of Training kicks off and assists with the program but most of the coaches are Dads or Moms who have children participating.      

 Getting your child comfortable out on the ice, with all of the gear, and moving is the first, and most important, step.                                We keep the cost affordable (almost the cost of an open skate per session) because the program is mostly about just getting the kids out there and is loosely structured to give them freedom to play independently. 

Hockey is a tough sport and repetitions are key to development.   Every practice will work on basic skills - skating, stopping, falling, getting up, stick and puck handling, hand eye coordination, listening, and more.   

We constantly evaluate players to determine who is ready to move to a team.   This is offered only if spots are available and the skill level is appropriate.  

Helpful tips for Learn to Play Parents

All Learn to Play participants must wear full hockey equipment, including neck guards, which KVHA requires - see below for information on KVHA rental equipment.   
The link below will assist you with the equipment that your child will need.
Write the name of your child on a piece of hockey tape and place it on the front part of their helmet. This will help the coaches learn your child's name and get to know each of them during their sessions on the ice.
Hockey skates vs figure skates?   All of our hockey programs require hockey skates because figure skates are unsafe for both the wearer and other players in a hockey setting.  The figure skate lacks the protection against cuts or shots, and the extension on the blade to the rear of the back stanchion could impail a falling player or coach.  Kids who start out on figure skates, then transition to hockey skates, can find it a little difficult at first, especially if they relied on the toe pick for balance, stopping, and acceleration, but a few  practices with the hockey skates should do it!   
If your family is new to hockey, USA Hockey has resources for you! Click here to find more information.

Loaner Hockey Equipment

KVHA has rental hockey equipment  that is geared toward new players with  a junior size for ages 4-6 and  youth size for ages 6-8.   This equipment will be loaned for the season on a first come, first serve basis.

Each set includes a bag, hockey pants, chest protector/shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads and gloves. 

Some sets include a helmet but it depends on the size your child needs as only XS and S helmets are available.  They will need a hockey helmet with a full cage or bubble shield. 

You must provide your own hockey skates (figure skates are not allowed), a stick,  neck guard, hockey socks, and a sports cup.  


Regarding hockey sticks -  we recommend that you purchase their first stick.  There are a lot of fun colors and the kids can get what they want and it helps them get excited about playing hockey.  I do have sticks but the majority of them have a flat blade so they are not right or left  handed.   If your child has no tendencies to either side, we are happy to provide a stick. 

All equipment must be returned at the end of the season in good and clean condition. Normal wear and tear is expected, however abuse beyond normal wear and tear may result in a fee being assessed to your account.

You must sign an agreement and provide a valid credit card number to guarantee the equipment will be returned. If the equipment is not returned, you will be charged $100 for it's replacement. Paperwork for this will be provided when picking up the equipment.  Typically pick up will take place before the start of the season

Learn to Play Coaches

Our programs are 99% volunteer based and are only a success because of the outstanding efforts of our volunteer coaches.   

We are always looking for help on the ice for this program.  Our Director of Training will assist the coaches for the first couple of sessions and check in regularly once the program is running.   The more coaches we have, the more that can be accomplished and the better support the players will receive.    

At minimum, our Learn to Play assistant coaches must be registered with USA Hockey as a volunteer, have completed Safesport Training and a background check

If you are interested in helping with this program, please email


It is a rule of the Kensington Valley Hockey Association that every player and goalie, in every division, is required to wear a neck guard (or a throat/neck shield for goalies) and a mouth guard during all practices, all training sessions, and all games, whether using Kensington facilities, or at any other arena/rink.
Neck guards and mouth guards are to be worn properly during all ice time. Neck Guard must be a device in which the design intent was to protect the neck. A rolled up sock taped to the neck it not an acceptable neck protector. Mouth guards dangling out of the player’s helmet are also not acceptable.
Safety for the players and goalies is of the utmost importance. It is the responsibility of each coach to ensure that his/her players have the required equipment prior to all practices and games. It is the responsibility of each player’s parents/guardians to ensure that the required equipment is used correctly during all ice time.