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Latest Covid 19 Update and Resources revised 5-18-20

By KVHA, 05/04/20, 3:30PM EDT


5-13-20 Update from MAHA D4 Chairman

The summer meeting will be held virtually this year, with committee meetings being held via zoom in the evening during the week to accommodate work schedules.  There will be topics specifically for associations via zoom as well that weekend.  The dates will be July 7-12, the zoom schedule is being worked on, more details to follow.  Would you prefer association related topics/speakers also be held during the week in the evenings vs the weekend morning or afternoon?


The association may want to consider starting a scholarship to help with families with financial needs for this season, if you already have one in place, please let me know.  I may ask you to help an association who would like to set one up.  A great way to fund the program is through the CARES stimulus bill, a new above-the-line charitable deduction. Taxpayers will be able to claim up to $300 individually ($600 for married filed jointly) in cash contributions made to a nonprofit charity this year as a deduction from their gross income if they take the standard deduction on their 2020 tax return. This deduction will ultimately reduce the amount of your income that's taxable.


Tryouts - MAHA is currently working on how teams will be formed for the 2020/2021 season.  MAHA HAS NOT ESTABLISHED A DATE FOR TRYOUTS, any dates you hear are just rumors.  Until MAHA knows when the rinks will open and how many players can be on the ice, dates for tryouts can not be established.  The task force assigned with determining try-outs has a lot of ideas and they are hoping to narrow it down to a solid game plan in the immediate future.  The hope is to start having recommendations to the executive board on the Tuesday after Memorial Day and communications soon thereafter as to any and all decisions made on that call.


If you have a head coach, assistant coach or manager that was on a roster for a different association from the 2019/20 season they can't have more than 50% of their players from the 2019/20 roster on a 2020/21 roster for a new association.  


May 1, 2020

To the Members of our Michigan Hockey Community:

First and foremost, the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association wants to send its well-wishes to all families in our community, during this unprecedented time in our country. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, while using recommended social distancing practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  While the path to reopening youth sports remains unclear, we are optimistic that the path to our “new normal” will be revealed to the State of Michigan very soon.

With this in mind, I wanted to share details of how the MAHA is proactively preparing for a return to the rinks, and ice hockey in Michigan, for the 2020-21 season. In April 2020, we formulated a MAHA Task Force – a collaboration of 65 coaches, rink managers, association Board members, District chairs, and officials whose objective is to develop a comprehensive plan for returning to hockey activity. The MAHA Task Force will be formulating plans to adapt to any potential guidelines, and/or restrictions, required for resuming play in the 2020-21 season. We are confident that this proactive approach will allow us to provide our membership with a timely response, to any changes forced upon us, and a one-of-a-kind hockey experience for all participants.

The MAHA Task Force has been divided into five (5) subcommittees:

1)    Programming & Innovation

2)    Rink Management

3)    Association Management

4)    Administration

5)    Policy Setting (District, State & National)

While each of these subcommittees will cover separate categories, all subcommittees will collaborate in an effort to provide all families a safe, enjoyable return to the rink. We anticipate that we will be subject to restrictions imposed by state and local government agencies. This may influence the length of our season, the size of groups gathering, sanitation standards at rinks, team formation and game counts. Nevertheless, we are committed to providing a best-in-class, cost-efficient experience focused on the safety of all participants, and the continued growth and development of all players.  We welcome this opportunity to improve and innovate, and we’re excited to share what these groups are thinking with you very soon!

Our goal is to maintain transparency throughout the Task Force process. As we continue to receive news and updates, we will continue to provide updates on our preparations for a new hockey season. We encourage you to visit for further information, as it becomes available. Also, be sure to register for the upcoming 2020-21 season with your local hockey association.

On behalf of the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association, we thank you for your patience during this unusual time – and we look forward to seeing you at your local rink again very soon!


George Atkinson

President, Michigan Amateur Hockey Association


Jason Reynolds

Director of Operations & Marketing, Michigan Amateur Hockey Association


MAHA is following the guidelines of Governor Whitmer as to when the ice arenas will be able to open which is why no hard date has been scheduled for fall tryouts.  As the Governor moves the date, so will MAHA.  

MAHA has put together a task force that is looking at 5 different areas to open hockey in Michigan, Programming/Innovation, Rink Management, Association management, Administrative management and Policy settings.  Each task force group is meeting once per weeking to set guidelines to start fall hockey.  The task force is made up of the MAHA executive Board, District Directors, Rink Managers and Association Presidents.  The goal is to present plans to start fall hockey at the summer meeting in Grand Rapids.  The summer meeting may be in person or virtual, depending on social distancing guidelines.   The task force is looking at different scenarios such as starting hockey in August, September or October, depending on the guidelines set by the State of Michigan and the CDC.  

When ice arena's are allowed to open, MAHA expects social distancing guidelines to be required for a period of time.  In areas of the country that have opened, arena's allow no more than 10 skaters on the ice at a time.  Skaters are not allowed to use the locker rooms, must get dressed at home and put skates on six feet apart.  When the arena does open, teams may skate but only the players on the 2019-2020 USA Hockey roster may participate in the team skates.  NO PLAYERS FROM OTHER TEAMS ARE ALLOWED TO SKATE, this will be a violation of the MAHA Tryout policy.  Expect an email from MAHA outlining the guidelines once we have a date that arenas may open.

So what can coaches do in the meantime?  If you need to complete your SafeSport, the new modules are open.  If you completed your SafeSport last year, you are good for the 20-21 season.  The SafeSport will now be an annual process.  The USA coaches modules are available. If coaches are moving up an age classification, this is a good time to complete the modules.  USA Hockey is working on what the CEP program will look like for the 20-21 season, virtual class or no classes this season if the clinics can't be held in person.  (for coaching credentials click here)

Teams are hosting calls and workouts virtually with their players.  If a team is conducting virtual calls and workouts, coaches should be sending the invitations to the parents email if players are under the age 18.  There should be 2 adults on the call at all times.