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MAHA/USA Hockey Risk Management Update July 7, 2020

By Grant Helms, USA Hockey Risk Manager-Michigan District, 07/09/20, 5:00PM EDT


July 7, 2020


TO: All of the MAHA and USA Hockey Michigan Community


FROM: Grant Helms, USA Hockey Michigan District Risk Manage




I fully realize that all of us are anxious for a return to Ice Hockey in Michigan.


Unfortunately, we need to remind everyone that we must follow the Return to Ice Hockey policies/procedures/regulations, laws set by Governor Whitmer and the State of Michigan, the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association, and USA Hockey. This is critical to keep our membership safe.


Again, following these policies/procedures/regulations and the law is essential for the protection of all our Players, Coaches, Volunteers, and staff.

Since the State of Michigan has not acknowledged a return to play in areas of the state other than Michigan Economic Recovery Regions 6 & 8, and Michigan Amateur Hockey has not acknowledged a return to play for other than those areas, the USA Hockey insurance coverage's we have as a member benefit are, for the most part, are in effect, however liability and excess medical may not in be effect except for those areas.


Only events that are Sanctioned/Approved by MAHA and USA Hockey may be covered and at the present time, no practices, games, or try outs are sanctioned/approved in the State of Michigan for MAHA at the direction of the Michigan Governor.


I do empathize with all of you, however, please do not put yourself, your players, your coaches, your Staff or any volunteers in potential jeopardy.


We all need the protections of our insurance to assure a safe return to ice hockey, and we do need the guidance of the State of Michigan, MAHA, and USA Hockey for policies/procedures/regulations to accomplish a safe return.


I know for a fact that the State of Michigan, Michigan Amateur Hockey, and USA Hockey are diligently working on your behalf for a safe return.


Please, please follow these policies/procedures/regulations and laws.


If you have questions, please contact your Michigan Amateur Hockey District Chairperson for more information.



Grant Helms Michigan District Risk Manager for USA Hockey

USA Hockey Risk Manager-Michigan District

5007 Washington Street, Midland, MI 48642-3362   989-631-4507