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KVHA President's Update

By John Popma , 08/04/20, 11:00AM EDT


Dear KVHA Family,

I wish that I had some solid answers for everyone, but unfortunately we are still in a holding pattern for hockey.  While some days feel like returning to the ice is right around the corner, the next feels like we are very very far away.

MAHA recently forward a message through USA Hockey that provided their stance and opinion on the return to hockey.  As a MAHA and USA Hockey affiliate, we are bound by their rules and dates.  Our board understands that several area rinks have been open to private ice rentals based on their own interpretation of the governor’s orders.  We have been in contact with our coaches to relay messages that with no rostered teams there cannot be any “team functions”.  What membership does outside of that, on their own, is a decision that we trust will be made based on their own understanding of the rules and comfort in participation.  

The other day, I was talking with someone about the COVID response and compared it with speeding.  In society, we have some drivers who ignore the rules, while others need to use a little more caution and drive well under the speed limit.  The rest of us find a speed that we feel comfortable to drive that will both keep us safe while keeping us from getting pulled over.  In this analogy, COVID is similar to bad weather; we re-evaluate our speed and find a safe speed and appropriate comfort level.  Everyone adjusts at their own level, while may opt to keep off the roads all together.  In the end everyone does what they feel safe and comfortable doing based on the situation, and hopefully everyone arrives safe and sound.

So to update what little bit I can:
MAHA may allow rostering soon to allow teams to participate in areas where skating is legally permitted (Michigan regions 6&8 and some neighboring states).  With this, coaches are at an increased risk of having teams skating outside of the rules.

  • Without rostered teams there is not USA Hockey insurance protection.
  • Tryout dates are likely to be accelerated after hockey is permitted to return.  Originally dates were 38 days after for our teams.  It is expected that rinks will be given less time to open, AAA teams given a week for tryouts, and our teams to begin the week after.  We will be sure to pass along dates when they are received.
  • While we have heard of numerous area rinks being open for private sales, we have also heard that some rinks have been closed by local health departments or other authorities.
  • MAHA recommended that those who are interested in rinks being allowed to open, to contact their local lawmakers to express those opinions.


Overall, I can relay that our initial registration numbers look much better than projections that were being provided by MAHA and USA Hockey.  We are here for you and appreciate your desire to get back on the ice.  

I look forward to returning to the ice, returning to normalcy, and hope to see everyone back healthy and safe.  My thoughts and prayers to all that are struggling (health wise, financially, or psychologically) during these difficult times.


KVHA President