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Welcome to the sport of hockey!
The fastest game on ice is thrilling to play and an excellent way to help your child  meet new friends and develop skills that will help them, not only on the ice, but in their daily life! 
Scroll down for resources and information that will help you quickly become acquainted with the Kensington Valley Hockey Association and the greatest game on earth - HOCKEY ! 
We would love to have you join our hockey family, please reach out to with any questions! 

Kensington Valley Hockey Association (KVHA) is proud to serve Howell, Brighton, South Lyon, Milford, Hartland and the surrounding communities with over 50 hockey teams at Tier 2 & Tier 3 levels.  From Learn to Play Hockey up to 19U Girls and everything in between, we are one of, if not the largest association in the state with over 800 kids skating with our teams. We welcome you, whether you are brand new to the sport or at the top of your game, we have a place in our hockey family for you.

KVHA is a non-profit organization administering the youth hockey program that skates our of KVIH and HIH. We do not own or operate the Kensington Valley Ice House or Hartland Ice House.  The KVHA Office is located inside of the Kensington Valley Ice House (KVIH)

The KVHA and all of our teams are affiliates of and governed by the rules and policies set forth by USA Hockey and The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association. 

For information on USA Hockey, its history and where they are today visit the following link:

To Learn more about The Michigan Amateur Hockey Associaiton, please visit:


Start your child's hockey journey here

These pages have been created to help parents learn more about the basics of hockey. 
The links here will give you an idea of the types of programs available at KVHA, the ages and skill level for those programs, about the necessary equipment as well as information about the game we love so much.  

Find a Try Hockey Free Event

Try Hockey Free is a great way to see if your child enjoys the sport without making a commitment to a program.


All hockey program participants must wear full hockey equipment  


Write the name of your child on a piece of hockey tape and place it on the front top of their helmet. This will help the coaches learn your child's name and get to know each of them during their sessions on the ice.

There is no need to push your child, success should be in stages, especially with children who are more reserved.   Bringing them to the rink and showing them around first is a great way to get acquainted.  Try open skating, sticks and pucks or skating on a pond.  Register for a Try Hockey event or a learn to skate class. The main thing is ICE TIME!   Once they start asking to come back for more, its time to progress to a Learn to Play Hockey class or even a Mini Mite/Mite team. 

Be patient and let your kids enjoy it at their own pace.  At the end of the day, it’s a game, and it’s supposed to be fun. It’s not about wins and losses, goals and assists, especially at the 8U/10U and recreational levels. Hopefully your child learns to love the game, makes lifelong friends and memories, and learns important lessons along the way.

In the words of the late Bob O’Connor, former USA Hockey national coach-in-chief:  “To win the game is great. To play the game is greater. To love the game is greatest of all. 


USA Hockey introduced the American Developmental Model (ADM) after an extensive international study by USAH of educators, child development experts, coaches (from many different sports), physiologists and National Sports Federations.
The ADM goal is to provide a building block approach to developing athletes starting from the earliest stages of participation, thus increasing the athlete’s skill, enjoyment and proficiency.

The USA Hockey ADM is an all inclusive program starting from the U8, Learn to Play (LTP) levels all the way to elite athletes competing at the Professional level. The ADM also addresses improved coaching techniques and Referee development. This program includes on-ice, off-ice, in-season and off-season curriculum for producing a well balanced complete athlete. It defines what is to be emphasized at what age to ensure proper skill development for each age level. The ADM also defines how much and what kind of competition is needed at each level.   

For more information on the ADM Model and program visit their website and   You can also learn more by clicking here 


Our programs are a success only because of the outstanding efforts of our volunteers.   We are always looking for help on and off the ice for this program. 
At minimum, our Learn to Play coaches must be registered with USA Hockey as a volunteer, have completed Safesport Training and a background screening 
The more coaches we have on the ice, the more that can be accomplished and the better support the players will receive. 
The more off ice volunteers we have will help teams organize events, tournaments, snacks, photos and more, allowing them to have more fun!!   If you are a parent who would like to get involved, please contact your team manager or the association. 
All volunteer positions are important, it takes a village and hockey is one giant family!   Learn how to run the score clock, organize a snack or fundraiser, take pictures and share them with the families!  All of those thing are appreciated and add to the memories!       

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