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How to add your teams accomplishments

  • Sanctioned Tournament Finalist or Champion
  • MAHA District Playoff Finalist or Champion
  • LCAHL Regular Season Division Champion
  • LCAHL Playoff Finalist or Champion
  • State Playoff Finalist or Champion
Write your Article:
The team must write a “News Article” on their individual web page. This must be a “News Article”, and not a “Text Block”. To add a news article, use the “Add Article” button at the top right corner of your current news listings box. If you don’t have a “News Aggregator” section on your team’s webpage, you must first add this by using the “Add Page Element” feature.
The article must contain the following information at a minimum:
  • Last date of the event in which the accomplishment was achieved. (i.e. the date you won) NOTE: This is the date that the article is also to be dated, even if it was written later.
  • To be displayed on the Home Page, it must contain a picture from the event or a team photo. Articles without a photo cannot be seen on the KVHA Home Page but still can be viewed under the Team Accomplishments webpage.


Notify the Webmaster:
Notify the Webmaster (KVHA Office) of your team’s accomplishments article. The Webmaster will then tag your article for inclusion in the KVHA team Accomplishments Page.
Any changes to the article on the team’s webpage after this tagging will automatically remove the article from the KVHA Accomplishments page. You will need to request the article to be tagged for inclusion again.

Note: The above qualifications are used for news article placement on the website only. Qualifications for rink banners are different.