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KVHA Perfect Edge Jersey Info


Perfect Edge, will continue to be the official KVHA jersey supplier for this season and will provide team apparel for the travel and house program.      

Sizing Procedure:  Perfect Edge offers “custom” sublimated jerseys that are produced for their stores.   As many jerseys fit differently, we require all players to be sized.   Optimally, all sizing will take place at Perfect Edge’s store with staff available to help with the sizing process.    Consider hosting a rapid shot team event and do your sizing at the same time!  

Upgrades / Options for Travel:   Beyond the standard home white , travel teams will have the option of choosing kelly green or navy for their away jerseys.   
  • Standard jerseys $39 each.   Jerseys can have either a standard V neck collar or a lace-up collar.   
  • Upgraded Jersey $65 each.   Includes the matching sublimated design with all letters and numbers sewn in twill, and logos patches sewn on.  
  • Standard vs Upgraded Jersey is a difference of $52 per player 

Ordering Process:   Perfect Edge will record the sizes/names/numbers and submit the team's order form to KVHA for player registration verification.  Once all player registrations have been verified, Perfect Edge will send the order form back to the coach/manager for a final approval.    Spelling or number mistakes will be the responsibility of the team.  Perfect Edge and KVHA will work with the teams to ensure careful checks of spelling and numbers and hopefully multiple checks will catch any and all errors, and save teams from additional fees and delays. 

All upgrade and alternate jersey fees will be billed to the teams by KVHA.    If teams opt for the standard jersey, no further billing will be required. 

Registration Verification:  All players must be registered before jersey orders are approved.  Unregistered players ordering jerseys and/or practicing with teams is a major problem that opens both teams and the association up to unnecessary liability.   By the beginning of July, the KVHA Office will send a list of those players who are registered for your team, along with their chosen jersey numbers.   If you have your  list of players sooner, you can complete the KVHA Roster Request form (found below) and submit to the office to verify who has registered and who has not.  

Deadlines:  Perfect Edge guarantees delivery within four weeks of ordering.   

Add-on players will be ordered in the same manner with the same turnaround time guarantees.

Inside KVIH 
10540 Citation Drive; Brighton, MI 48116
M-Th Noon-9pm
F Noon - 8pm
Sa-Su 10am-6pm
Inside Hartland Ice House
2755 Arena Drive; Hartland, MI 48353
M-Th 3pm-9pm
F Noon - 6pm
Sa-Su 10am-4pm

Required by KVHA for Uniforms:  navy helmets, matching gloves, KVHA pants/shells – all items are available at Perfect Edge but may be purchased anywhere as long as the colors are correct.


​​​Jerseys are paid for out of Player Registration fees (teams do not have to budget for these unless choosing upgrade style)

  • Each player receives 2 jerseys and two pair of socks  
  • Standard Jersey - $39 per jersey 
  • All jerseys will have either a standard V neck collar or a lace-up style neck.  There is no cost difference for either option however the entire team must have the same style jersey
  • Standard home white and kelly green OR navy away jerseys
  • Jersey Upgrade - $65 per Jersey;  Parent/Team pays difference between standard and upgrade ($26/jersey)  includes matching sublimated design with all letters and numbers sewn in twill, and logos patches sewn on  
  • Both jerseys come with matching socks for $18 per pair

Jersey Misspellings and Number Errors!

KVHA Players will continue to choose their jersey number at the time of registration, however, it will be the  team managers or head coaches responsibility to verify all player name spelling and numbers.  Spelling and/or number mistakes will be the responsibility of the team.  Both the KVHA office and Perfect Edge will assist in discovering errors and hopefully multiple careful checks will eliminate most, if not all of them.