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KVHA Sponsorships

Sponsorships are a great way to defer team ice costs, purchase team gear or pay for tournaments.   Encourage your team families to secure sponsors by using the Generic Sponsor letter below.  

You can obtain sponsors from just about anyone, from local businesses to huge corporations.   

Once your sponsorship checks come in, follow the procedures outlined to receive payment to your team. 

  • KVHA is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
  • KVHA is tax-exempt from purchases 
  • Individual teams are not tax-exempt, except for sponsorship donations or grants.
  • Gifts of goods or services are handled on a per-team basis.
  • All sponsorship donations are to be applied to the team as a whole and will not benefit one payer over another.
  • KVHA's tax ID # is 38-3517406.  Please contact the KVHA office if you need a copy of the W-9 form.  
  • Check donations to your team must be made out to KVHA and not to the team.  Please remit the KVHA sponsorship form, completed, to the office.  You can put multiple donations on one form.  The check will be deposited into the KVHA main bank account and once it clears, we will transfer the funds into the team account.  We will email the team a letter to provide to the donor in recognition of their donation. 
  • Donations for golf outings: golfers do not get a tax donation letter for golfing (they are receiving something in return); hole sponsorships will be provided with a letter if the protocol is followed.
  • Sponsors are not allowed on game jerseys.  You can place them on spirit wear, practice jerseys, team banners, etc.  

Sponsorship Procedure

Sponsor checks are processed through the KVHA Office and the KVHA accountant in the following process:

  • Use the sample letter below to gain prospective sponsors; if they request our tax id #, please email the office to obtain a copy of our W-9 form
  • Sponsor checks should be made out to KVHA
  • The sponsorship remittance form below is to be filled out and submitted to the office with the check(s).  
  • Once completed,  drop those in the door slot in the KVHA office inside KVIH (not the front office)
  • The checks are deposited and sent to the accountant who, once the check(s) clear, will cut your team a check for the exact amount or the KVHA Treasurer will complete an electronic transfer
  • If you have a check coming back, it will be placed in your team mailbox with the sponsor's tax donation letter, which you will send to the sponsor.  If it is a transfer of funds, your sponsorship letter only will be placed in the team mailbox.  You will receive an email letting when its there. 
  • This process has a two week turnaround.

Sponsor donations benefit the team as a whole and cannot be applied to individual players.  Individual sponsorships would not be permitted to be routed through KVHA because we are a non-profit entity and as such, must adhere to specific IRS rules regarding sponsorship's and appropriate usage of KVHA's tax exemption status - parents could route individual ice bill payments thru the system calling them "sponsorship checks" for tax exempt status purposes, which would be illegal.  

Don't forget to thank your sponsors!! 

On your team website - 
  • List them by name 
  • Post their business logo
  • Post a link or contact info for their business
In person or via mail - 
  • Support the sponsors by visiting their business
  • Send thank you notes, team photos, invitations to games, and send team updates or season summaries