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Coach, Manager & Locker Room Credentials

Team Staff must complete all required training, certifications and screenings to be rostered.  

ONLY coaches who are listed on the approved USA Hockey roster may participate in practices on the ice or be on the bench during games.  

Managers and Locker Room Attendants may not serve as on ice or on bench coaches unless they are rostered as coaches in addition to their manager duties.   
If you have a parent who wants to be on the bench or on the ice they must register with USA Hockey as a coach, complete the background check, complete safesport and complete the age based modules as outlined here and within these pages.  Anyone who has not completed these items is not allowed on the ice or the bench in any capacity.   D4 suspended 4 head coaches last season because they allowed non-registered parents/coaches on the bench or ice.  Please forward this to anyone you will have practicing on the ice with the team or working a door/coaching on the bench during a game.

Below are the links and info for the credentials: