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Coach, Manager & Locker Room Credentials

Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers and Locker Room Parents must complete all required training, certifications and screenings to be officially rostered to their team. 
Ideally, everyone should have their credentials, except CEP, in place before September 1 every season.  
Team rostering opens on September 1st so the sooner everything is complete the better. 
Below is a list of everything that the coaches need and when everything must complete or be renewed.   
ONLY coaches who are listed on the approved USA Hockey roster may participate in practices on the ice or be on the bench during games.  
Managers and Locker Room Attendants may not serve as on ice or on bench coaches unless they are rostered as coaches in addition to their manager duties.   
Locker Room Parents and Team Managers only need to register with USA Hockey as a volunteer, complete Safesport training and submit a background screening.
Any team parent can assist with team functions or be in the scorebox as a timekeeper or help with the score sheet, they do not need to be credentialed.  

 Anyone who has not completed the proper items is not allowed on the ice or the bench in any capacity.    MAHA D4 will suspend a Head Coach for allowing non-registered parents/coaches on the bench or ice.  

No unrostered players or coaches should be around the team in an official capacity, meaning on the ice for practice or on the bench during a game.   A rostered member of the team has certain protections through USA Hockey's liability coverage that un-rostered individuals do not.  If a person is not rostered, and they are on the bench during a game and receive a penalty as a coach, or there is some other incident during a game, the head coach can be suspended for having an unrostered coach on the bench.    Additionally, if an unrostered coach is on the ice during practice, and someone is injured, the liability insurance for the entire team can be nullified due to having that unrostered person on the ice.   It seems like a lot for a kid's game but ultimately it is about safety and ensuring that we have properly screened and trained adults in a supervisory capacity. 

Injuries to non-rostered siblings/players/coaches are at your own risk and not that of KVHA.

Please start on your coaching credentials early to ensure that the team rostering process goes smoothly and quickly!!

If you have coached in the past, here are 5 Steps to verify your coaching credentials

  1. Visit
  2. Log in
  3. Click on "My Profile" under the USA Hockey logo, upper left
  4. Click on "Coaching Information"
  5. Update anything missing asap!

If you are not sure what you need, please send your USA hockey # for the upcoming season to


With the exception of the Coaches Education Program, all credentials must be completed before the season begins and your team can be rostered. 

 USA Hockey registration for the upcoming Fall/Winter season opens on April 1 every year.  It is recommended that you wait until April 1st to register and complete your requirements
Must register every new hockey season, registration opens April 1st.  Fall USA Hockey number works for the spring season but the previous seasons USA hockey #s expire August 31 every year   
USA Hockey Confirmation # must be sent to
Please use your full legal name when registering with USA hockey so that your coaching education (clinics and modules), safe sport and background screening show in their record. Example if legal name is Michael Smith and new registration is created for Mike Smith, the system will create a new record and not connect 
previous education or screenings.
Must be completed prior to the start of the current season
$30 fee
Self Registration ID# 35615801
Valid for two seasons (if you submitted last season, you will not have to complete this year)
Must be completed prior to the start of the season
Completed by watching video segments and answering questions online
Core training - 60-90 minutes
Refresher Training - 20-30 minutes
Free of charge
Players who will turn 18 anytime during the season are also required to take the Safesport training
Must be completed prior to the start of the current season
You only need to take the module for the age level you are coaching
Modules are 8U, 10/12U, 13+ 
$10-$12 for each online age module
Takes about 2-3 hours to complete each age module
At the 8 & Under level, once you complete your 8U age module, you will not have to take another until your child moves up to the 10U level.
**If a coach has taken the 10U module and moves up to 12U they will need to take the new 10/12U module.
**If a coach has taken the 14U module they do not need to do the new 13+ module if the coach is still coaching a 14U team.
**If a coach has taken the 16/18/19 module and the coach is coaching a 14U team that coach will have to take the 13+ module.
**A coach does not need to take the 13+ module if the coach has a 16/18/19 module and is coaching a 16/18/19 team.
Begin with Level one* and complete one level each season through Level 4
In-person and Virtual clinics are available and take about 6-8 hours  
Sign up early to choose a convenient date and location for you
Do not wait - clinics fill up early!   
A coach may attend only one clinic per season 
*Coaches may remain a level one CEP as long as you are coaching at the Mini Mite or Mite levels, once you start coaching squirt (10U) or older, you must take the Level 2.
Effective in the 2021-22 season, coaching certification at Levels 4 and 5 is valid for three (3) seasons, as indicated by the expiration date. Before the expiration of their level, coaches must accumulate 5 credit hours of continuing education by either taking Level 5, or by attending other USA Hockey continuing education clinics. The USA Hockey clinic listings will indicate all continuing education offerings and the credit value of each.