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Districts, States and National Tournament Information

Michigan is divided into 8 geographical areas or hockey "districts".  In addition to LCAHL or other league play,  KVHA (and every association) may choose to send two teams per division to participate in the MAHA District tournament.   

For KVHA Teams,  Age divisions with more than 2 teams, the first spot will go to the highest ranked team on My Hockey Rankings and the second spot will go to the next seated team (or the standings at the time for House teams).  If either of those teams decide not to enter, the third team may be allowed to take the bid, if they are competitive in their level of play.    

Boys Travel and House Teams who qualify (see MAHA Exceptions and out of District info HERE)  declare their "Intent to Enter" on MAHA's website.  The deadline to apply is November 1st of every year.  There is a $105 application fee that is typically paid by the teams who are later reimbursed by KVHA, if approved by the Board.  

KVHA House team entries are submitted by the KVHA Office each year.  

Girls teams submit their intent to enter but go directly to their respective State Tournament, there is no District round play. 

Teams advancing through their local District play will move on to the State Tournament.   

Teams in the 14U, 16U and 18U Boys A & AA and Girls 14U, 16U and 19U Tier 2 and older age classifications who win their State championship are eligible to participate in a National Tournament .


In preparation for the District credentialing meeting,  all teams  should have a binder to keep the team paperwork organized.  

The following team documentation will be reviewed at the credentialing meeting:

Scoresheets - These should be in chronological order and be completed fully - make sure any served game misconduct penalties are clearly marked on the score sheets 

Game log - A team generated list of all games played, scrimmages, tournaments and LCAHL games should be listed, any game played with a referee and a score sheet counts toward your game count. 

Roster - The KVHA Office will provide the most recent copy of your roster before the credentialing meeting

Team Credentials Verification sheet - The KVHA Office will provide this sheet before the credentialing meeting;  You must complete how many games each player participated in.  

Copies of email approval for Closest to the Rink/Game Count and other Exceptions - The KVHA Office will provide any exceptions filed by the office on a teams behalf.   For teams who filed their own exceptions,  please be sure to have a copy in your binder.   

Coaches with missing credentials (usually anyone who took a late CEP course or did their modules, background check or Safesport really late) will have to provide proof of completion to the team and those receipts will have to be brought to Credentialing by the team.    

Teams who have Players with unverified birth certificates will have to submit a copy of the players birth certificate at credentialing

Consent to Treat forms are only required for National Bound Teams (14U, 16U, 18U, 19U).  Those teams will receive separate emails regarding this requirement.


Districts kick off with the mandatory District 4 Credentialing meeting, usually on the first Saturday in January . 
You must attend at the scheduled time for your division to be seeded, have your credentials approved and to schedule your first round games; it should take about an hour tops.  Please plan to have two representatives from your team (coach and manager) at credentialing and do not forget your team binder. 

Typical timeline for District and State rounds of play:
Mid-late January- First Round District Games;  Games are played on home and opponent's own ice with both teams paying for one referee.

First weekend in February - Second Round of District Games and Semi Final Games.  Locations  vary and may be subject to change but you can refer to the  D4 Host Playoff Rotation spreadsheet to determine where you are likely to play.     

2nd weekend in February - District 4 Hockey Day - District 4 Championships 
3rd weekend in February - State Play in Games for divisions with runner-up spots

Last Weekend in February/First Weekend in March - State Championships begin    

3rd weekend in March - Typically all Tier 2 Championships have concluded

1st weekend in April - National Championships 


District 4 will be seeding the teams for districts for all travel age groups this season.  We will be using the rankings from Myhockey rankings on Thursday December 26th 2019 to place the teams in the various divisions for round 1.  

For the teams that advance to the second round, teams will be slotted based on a predefined schedule.

Example, 16 teams entered, four divisions of four teams, highest ranked D4 team would be the number 1 seed and so on

Div 1.   Div 2.  Div 3.  Div 4
1.          2.        3.       4
8.          7.        6.       5
9.          10.      11.     12
16.        15.      14.     13


District 4 will follow the same procedure as previous seasons when scheduling house teams for 2020 district playoffs.  Each team will be placed using a blind draw of divisions for the first round.  The second round will be predetermined by the division placement in round 1.

Please review MY Hockey Ratings to ensure correct scores are being entered.  You can report incorrect scores through the website directly.