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Game Misconduct & Match Penalties

When any player or coach is assessed a Game Misconduct, Fighting or Match Penalty  you must notify the office as soon as possible after the game, within 24 hours.     A copy of the score sheet should be provided to the KVHA office via emailed photo or scan or a hard copy dropped in the door slot at the rink.  You can email it to the KVHA Hockey Administrator - by clicking on the contact info. 

You will also need to provide a copy of the next game's score sheet to the office showing that the assessed player or coach did indeed sit out.  Be sure to note clearly on that sheet that the player (name & number) or coach is serving the game misconduct from (date of the game when they were assessed).    

KVHA Hockey Administrator

Phone: 810-229-6087

Disciplinary Actions & Penalty Progressions

The following circumstances deal with the most common disciplinary actions that have come before the District 4 Council in recent years.  These are not inclusive.  Refer to Section XVI of the M.A.H.A. Annual Guide for the complete list.

1. It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to review the game scoresheet, after signature by the game officials, for any Game Misconduct or Match penalties.  The Head Coach is responsible to take any necessary action based on the scoresheet review.  If the Head Coach is not at the game, the acting Head Coach and/or Team Manager are responsible.

2. All Match penalties must be reported by the Head Coach (team staff member in his absence) as follows: The coach must report the penalty within (24) hours following the incident, by phone, to the District Council Chairperson in the District where the team is registered.  Violation of this rule may result in additional suspension of the team official.

 3. A player, or team official, receiving a Match Penalty is automatically suspended from all amateur hockey activities until a hearing is held by the District Council.

4. A coach or manager, upon the findings of the District Council, who knowingly allowed the participation of an ineligible player or coach in any game shall be subject to a recommended suspension of not less than one year.  A player or coach receiving a game misconduct is ineligible to participate in the next game.  Not sitting out the next game, and noting that on the scoresheet, will constitute allowing the participation of an ineligible player or coach. 

5. A player, upon the findings of the District Council, who knowingly participated in a game as an ineligible player, shall be suspended for not less than thirty (30) days.  A player receiving a game misconduct is ineligible to play the next game.  Not sitting out the next game will constitute participating as an ineligible player. 

6. If, as the result of a hearing, the allegation of deliberate assault on a game official (referee, linesman, official scorekeepers, game timekeepers, penalty timekeepers, goal judges, statisticians, and public address announcers) is sustained , the player or team official shall be suspended for a minimum period of one (1) year, followed by probation for a period to be determined by the District Council.

7. When a player, coach, or manager receives a game suspension(s), he/she shall not be eligible to participate in the next game(s) that were already on the schedule of that team before the incident occurs.  (The reason for this change is to stop a team from scheduling a “midnight game”, real or phantom, to circumvent the suspension.)

8. When a player is ejected for receiving a second major penalty in a game, he or she shall be suspended for the next two originally scheduled games.

9. The head coach (or acting head  coach) of any team accumulating fifteen (15) or more penalties during the same game, will automatically be suspended for the next originally scheduled game his / her team plays.  ( USA HOCKEY – Playing Rule 401, Penalties)

10. A player or coach who receives a game misconduct penalty will be suspended for one game. Upon receipt of a game misconduct, the player or coach must immediately proceed to the locker room and either: 1) remain in the locker room for the balance of the game, or 2) dress and leave the arena premises.

11. Any player who receives five (5) penalties during the same game, shall receive a game misconduct penalty.  Suspension to be determined by the subsequent game misconduct rule.  ( USA HOCKEY Playing Rule 401, Penalties).

12. Head Coaches are also responsible for compliance with Rule 411- Progressive Suspensions.  Rule 411 increases game suspensions to a player who receives their third and subsequent major penalties for infractions classified as “Aggressive Infractions” during the same season.  It also adds a suspension to the head coach for a team receiving three major penalties in the same game.

13. Conduct “detrimental to hockey”: Any other conduct that is not in the best interest of promoting the mission and purposes of amateur hockey, that is brought to the attention of the District Council, will be investigated.  A subsequent hearing will be conducted if warranted by the information gathered during the investigation. (Reference M.A.H.A. Annual Guide: section XVI, Disciplinary Actions.)


D4 has created an officials (referee) evaluation program and they need the coaches to provide feedback on the game officials.  Your name is not shared with the officials. 

The survey to fill out is located here

We have all seen the quality of officiating decline and if anything is going to change you must take time to provide examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly.