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concussion baseline testing and care

The concussion experts at The Sports Neurology Clinic (Brighton) set the gold standard for “baseline testing,” also known as “concussion testing.” Our approach goes far beyond the typical computer-based testing and considers all factors that contribute to an athlete’s neurological health.  Brain Health Baseline Testing is the best way to prepare in the event you or your athlete suffers a concussion. Completing a proper baseline test will allow for a more effective diagnosis and return-to-play process.

At The Sports Neurology Clinic, we understand that each concussion, and each patient, requires an individualized approach. We believe in using a unique and comprehensive assessment, and model this through our personalized, case-by-case approach to patient care. Knowing how your brain functions when you are healthy will give you a competitive edge to your recovery.

B.R.A.K.E.S. Driving School

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - If you have a teen who will be learning to drive next summer, this is a absolute must! B.R.A.K.E.S. offers 2 dates in metro-Detroit (if the dates don't work or you don't get in, it is actually worth driving to Cincinnati or Chicago), both are 1/2 days of instruction, with probably 2 hours of in seat driving (thanks to KIA) for a $99 donation, register as soon as you can! (Patrick McFall)


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