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KVHA Registration

Join our KVHA Family: 2019-2020 Season Registration Opens June 1st!


KVHA 2019-2020 Season Fall/Winter Registration

Registration for the KVHA 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Season will open June 1st.  Registration does not carry over from the previous season and must be completed each year for the Fall/Winter Season.  All players  must register to be rostered on a  team.

The Registration Fee Schedule is as follows:

  • June 1 thru June 30:   $185- SAVE $100!
  • July 1 thru July 31:  $235 - SAVE $50
  • After August 1:   $285.00 
  • Registration fees are Non-Refundable  
  • Registration is FREE for the Learn To Play / Learn To Skate Program (Little Rebels), however there is a season ice fee for that program.

KVHA registration must be completed online and paid using a credit card or debit card (Discover, Mastercard, and Visa).

All divisions have an associated monthly ice cost that varies by team and division. 

House Players will be prioritized based on their paid registration date and time, meaning that players with earlier registrations will be placed first.  Returning KVHA players, and their family members, registering before June 30th, 2019 will be given priority over new players.

Please click on the following link to begin the registration process.  If you created a website account in the past, you can use the same username and password this season. 

Registration fees are non-refundable, unless the player is not offered a spot on any KVHA team before December 31st, 2019


The Registration "KVHA Registration" is not currently available.


100% of KVHA fees are returned to it's members in the services the Association provides.  
Your yearly season registration fee covers costs for the following:
Jerseys & Socks for your player
August ADM, Training,  Evaluation & Conditioning Skates
Try Hockey for Free Programs that grow our Association
Head & Assistant Coach Training Reimbursements
Practice Equipment for teams to use 
Administrative Costs for Association Operations 
Team LCAHL League Registration Fees
House Referee scheduling fees 
MAHA District Entry Fees
A portion of MAHA State and National Tournament Entry Fees

Registration Highlights:

·         No Registration Fee for the Learn to Play/ Learn to Skate (Little Rebels) Program (season Ice Fees do apply).

·         Mini-Mites and Mites play Cross-Ice following the USA Hockey ADM Model and Principles.

·         An ADM clinic will be offered for Little Rebels, Mini-Mite, and Mite players in late July.  Information will be posted soon on the website and registration is required.  Your Little Rebel, Mini-Mite, or Mite player must be registered with KVHA for the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Season before registering for the clinic. 

·         Mini-Mites and Mites can sign-up to "Play Hockey With A Friend" by clicking HERE

·         Ravens Girls Hockey Program - multiple teams offered at each level 

·         House Players conditioning and evaluations are scheduled to begin at the end of July.  Please keep any eye on home page for all of the dates.  Your player must attend at least one of the dates to be fitted for your jersey .

·         Players who are requesting to Play-Up must complete an online request to do so by clicking here.  Those players requesting to Play-Up are required to attend at least one Evaluation Skate at their current level and one Evaluation Skate at the requested Play-Up level  

·         Six Payment Plan for House Ice Fees (Due on the 1st of September, October, November, December, January, and February).  Credit card payments only- no checks or cash.  Please note, Ice Fees for the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Season have not been finalized, they will be posted on the website in mid-August .  Last year's rates can be found on this page


We are seeking House Head coaches for the upcoming hockey season for the Mini Mite through Bantam/Midget Level.  We will try to field as many teams as we have coaches if there are enough kids.  Our goal is to give everyone a chance to play but if we do not have coaches we will have to turn kids away.

Becoming a House Head Coach is a tremendous opportunity to contribute to one of the largest hockey Associations in the country and further advance the goals of our program, as well as the continued growth of hockey in our community.   

If you are interested, apply here:

Thank you for your consideration!

House Conditioning and House Evaluation Info

Stay tuned for Conditioning and Evaluation dates

Play-Up Request

Use this form to make a formal request for a House player to play-up one division.  You must register with KVHA for the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Season BEFORE submitting a "Play-Up" request".  
Players requesting to play-up must attend a draft skate for their current age division as well as the division they are seeking to play up 
Submission Deadline is Thursday August 1st. 
Requests submitted after the deadline date will not be honored.

2019-2020 Fall/Winter Play-Up Request

Deadline to submit a Play-Up request is Thursday, August 1st, 2019.

Play Hockey With A Friend - Mites & Mini Mites

This program is for the Mini-Mite and Mite Divisions only. 
You must register with KVHA for the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Season BEFORE submitting a "Play Hockey With A Friend" request. 
One request per player will be honored – please do not submit multiple requests. 
Submission Deadline is Sunday, August 11th.
Requests submitted after the deadline date will not be honored.

2019-2020 Fall/Winter Play Hockey With A Friend Request

Deadline to submit a Play Hockey With A Friend request is Sunday, August 11th, 2019. One request per player will be honored - please do not submit multiple requests.

Rental Hockey Equipment

KVHA has 40 sets of starter hockey equipment for the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Season. The equipment is geared for new players and includes hockey pants, chest protector, elbow pads, shin pads and gloves.   You must have your own skates, a stick, helmet, mouth guard, neck guard, and a sports cup.  

KVHA has “Small” size for ages 4-6 and  “Large” size for ages 6-8.  This equipment will be loaned for the season on a first come, first serve basis. The equipment must be returned at the end of the season in good and clean condition. Normal wear and tear is expected, however abuse beyond normal wear and tear may result in a fee being assessed to your account.

Additionally, the Kensington Valley Ice House has also agreed to loan their rental skates, free of charge, on an individual skate basis (first come, first serve, must be returned at the end of each skate) for new players using the KVHA Loaner Equipment.

You must sign an agreement and provide a valid credit card number to guarantee the equipment will be returned. If the equipment is not returned, you will be charged $100 for it's replacement. Paperwork for this will be provided when picking up the equipment.  Typically pick up will take place beginning in August.

2019-2020 Fall/Winter Loaner Equipment Request

KVHA Loaner Equipment questions should be directed to the KVHA Office at (810)229-6087, or


Or ADM Clinics are FREE  for those players who are pre-registered as a Little Rebel, Mini-Mite, or Mite player with KVHA for the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Season in order to participate.  


Early registration is encouraged - -  participation is limited to to the first 50 players!


Concussion Information For Parents, Athletes, & Coaches

Click on this link for USA Hockey and MAHA concussion resources.