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KVHA 2020-2021 House Ice Payments

In addition to the KVHA registration fee ($185/$285), there is a monthly per player fee for each division.    

These fees cover the cost for ice time that KVHA rents from KVIH. 

The fees do not include tournaments  that the team may participate in during the season.   Fees for tournaments, extra ice time and other events not covered by the registration fee will be collected independently by each team. 

The link below is where you will "register" to make your ice payments, and while this looks similar to the initial registration, it is completely separate and must be completed to initiate your monthly payments .   

On-line payment setup needs to be done ONE TIME ONLY, regardless of whether you choose to pay in full, or set up monthly installment payments. 

Ice payments are due the 1st of each month, beginning September through February.   Payments can be set up using MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.  KVHA does not accept checks, money orders, or cash.     

If your player is playing-up a Division, please make sure to select the new play-up Division when setting up your ice payments.  

Players who register after the start of the season will have their first payment pro-rated according to their individual start date. 

The Registration "House Monthly Ice Payments" is not currently available.

This link is for House player season ice payments only. 

Do not schedule payments if you are a KVHA Travel or Ravens Girls player. 

2020-2021 House Season Ice Fees

Level Full Payment Nov. 1st Dec. 1st Jan. 1st Feb. 1st Mar. 1st
Mini-Mite $695.00 $139.00 $139.00 $139.00 $139.00 $139.00
Mite $785.00 $157.00 $157.00 $157.00 $157.00 $157.00
Squirt $980.00 $196.00 $196.00 $196.00 $196.00 $196.00
PeeWee $1270.00 $254.00 $254.00 $254.00 $254.00 $254.00
Bantam $1525.00 $305.00 $305.00 $305.00 $305.00 $305.00


(formerly KVHA Memorandum of Fees)


The following outlines the MAHA and KVHA policy on registration and total yearly fee obligations and refunds for all players (KVHA Member) regardless of level of play or age, unless otherwise noted.   This policy protects teams from shortages in their budget due to players leaving.



Registration fees are paid online only via credit, debit or paypal.

Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $185.00, if registered on or before September 30

Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $285.00, if registered on or after October 1

Learn To Play (Little Rebels) Registration is Free



Player is on the wait list as of December 31st of the current year AND

Player has not been offered a spot on a team by December 31st

COVID19 Relief Policy – more below

No other refunds of registration fees will be given for any other reason



Teams set their own monthly ice fee and select the method of payment they prefer to use to collect monthly ice payments.  These options include paying online or by personal check/cash.    While KVHA oversees the team accounts, the teams are ultimately in charge of their own finances and will determine when to suspend a player for late payments.   Players with outstanding team balances will be referred to KVHA for further intervention, if needed.  Any player with outstanding balances may be subject to collections activity or MAHA sanctioning, as noted below.



Monthly Ice fees are to be paid on-line in full, OR paid on-line in installments as defined by KVHA each year.

Ice fees can be paid with Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or Pay-Pal.  KVHA does NOT accept cash, checks, or money orders, and cannot process credit or debit cards in person.

Payments must be paid by date published. If a credit card payment fails and is not made within five days after the published due date, players will be suspended from their teams. The Head Coach and Team Manager will be notified that a player is not eligible to play or participate in any team functions until payment is made on-line in NGIN and received by the KVHA Office.

Once a player has been suspended, they will be required to bring their accounts current and pay a $15 re-instatement fee. The $15 reinstatement fee is to be paid on-line in NGIN with the Individual Payment Option. Until the $15 reinstatement fee has been paid and notice has been given by the KVHA Office, the player will not be allowed to participate in any practices, games, tournaments, or any other team function with the team. Any game played by a team with a player who has an unpaid balance may result in a forfeit by that team.  After the payment is more than 14 days late, the player may be removed from the team and a player from the wait list will be given his/her place on the team.



Per the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) rules, if a player leaves or is removed from the team / association, the player’s parent or legal guardian is responsible for the total yearly ice fee based on the following schedule:

After contract is signed but never participated in any activities with the affiliate


Registration Fee + participation in team events - $300 Maximum

After 09/15/2020

Registration Fee + 25% of Total Yearly Fee

After 10/15/2020

Registration Fee + 50% of Total Yearly Fee

After 11/15/2020

Registration Fee + 75% of Total Yearly Fee

After 12/15/2020

Registration Fee + 100% of total yearly fee


This policy applies in all cases where the player leaves the team / association (i.e. injury, school, moving, loss of interest, etc.).  This applies for all players, House and Travel.   There are no refunds of registration fees, except where noted.



Under this policy, hardships must be related to the COVID-19 pandemic, where a family’s financial status changed after signing the Player Agreement.

Clubs/associations are allowed to charge for the following:

  • Durable goods that can’t be repurposed (i.e. team uniforms, etc.)
  • Ice fees, coaching fees, and expenses prorated to what has actually been used by the player, up to the date the club/association received a written request.  Participants/families exercising this option will not be permitted to roster with another club at the same tier level for the 2020-2021 season.   Participants/families may exercise this relief option on, or prior to, September 1, 2020.

Failure to adhere to the policy guidelines above may result in disciplinary action, due to violation of the following rules (as outlined in the MAHA Guide Book):

  • Tryout Rule
  • Affiliate Agreement



To determine the drop date of a player, a written request must be presented to the Head Coach and/or the KVHA Office for their signature and date.  An e-mail to the KVHA office is acceptable to establish a date and time of the request for release.  In any event, either the signed and dated or emailed request for release by the KVHA Office or Head Coach, or the date of last participation in any team event, whichever is later, will be considered the date of the drop. A team event is defined as any game, practice, workout, or any other team gathering, in which was on the team’s schedule that the dropping player attended.

Once the drop date is determined, and if the team is rostered with USA, an official MAHA Player Release form will need to be completed and signed by the player, player’s parent or guardian, and the team Head Coach. This form can be obtained by contacting the KVHA Office. Note: All fees must be paid per the policies above to be released from a KVHA Team. (i.e. if a player drops on December 15th, the entire ice fee bill must be paid before the player will be released.)



All past due ice payments will be reviewed at the January KVHA Board Meeting.  Upon review and verification of amount owed, the KVHA Board reserves the right to file in local District Court for a judgment of the amount owed against the players parents or legal guardians for monies owed, plus any legal expense for filing the judgment. 

MAHA will be notified of all players who have a balance owed.  Non-payment of KVHA fees may impact a player’s ability to register and become a member of another MAHA affiliate. 

KVHA reserves the right to amend and/or accelerate the ice payment options in certain instances of late payments or non-compliance with the terms of this agreement.

Any player with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to return to the KVHA or register for any subsequent seasons until all monies have been paid in full.