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WELCOME TO THE KVHA Tier 3 (House | recreational) PROGRAM

The KVHA Tier 3 program is our recreational hockey program for the youth in Brighton, South Lyon, Milford, Hartland,  Howell and surrounding communities.  We offer programs for ages: 

  • Learn to Play (age 3-10)
  • Mini Mite (age 5 & 6) 
  • Mite (age 7 & 8) 
  • Squirt (age 9 & 10)
  • PeeWee (age 11 & 12)
  • Bantam (age 13 & 14)

Recreational hockey, or tier 3,  is less commitment, less cost and less travel than tier 2 or "travel" hockey. 

House hockey is for all abilities and skill level from beginner to advanced.  Players must have a minimum skill level to participate.  

Our Mini-Mite and Mite teams play 1/2 ice in the Biggby Coffee House League with no travel.   These divisions receive 2 hours of ice per week plus two in-house jamborees.   

Our Squirt, Peewee, and Bantam teams participate in the Little Caesar's Amateur Hockey League (LCAHL),  which requires some travel.    Squirt teams skate at least twice per week, PeeWee teams skate approximately 3 hours per week and our Bantam and Midget divisions skate 3-4 hours per week.  Onces games start, there may be one additional day for away games. 

Timing of the House Hockey Season:
  • June 1st - Early registration begins  
  • Late July through Mid August - Conditioning and Evaluation skates (see more below)
  • Mid to late August -  House draft team selections
  • Labor Day Weekend -  Teams begin practicing
  • Beginning to Mid October - Games begin
  • December - Biggby Holiday Mini Mite and Mite Jamboree 
  • March  - Biggby End of Season Mini Mite and Mite Jamboree
  • March -  Championship games  for all other Divisions


Click on one of the tabs below to learn more about our House program offerings and to learn more about season kick off activities. 

Dates for the House Conditioning Skates as well as the House Evaluation Skates can be found on the individual tabs for each event.  The dates are also located on the House Program page by clicking HERE.


It is a rule of the Kensington Valley Hockey Association that every player and goalie, in every division, is required to wear a neck guard (or a throat/neck shield for goalies) and a mouth guard during all practices, all training sessions, and all games, whether using Kensington facilities, or at any other arena/rink.
Neck guards and mouth guards are to be worn properly during all ice time. Neck Guard must be a device in which the design intent was to protect the neck. A rolled up sock taped to the neck it not an acceptable neck protector. Mouth guards dangling out of the player’s helmet are also not acceptable.
Safety for the players and goalies is of the utmost importance. It is the responsibility of each coach to ensure that his/her players have the required equipment prior to all practices and games. It is the responsibility of each player’s parents/guardians to ensure that the required equipment is used correctly during all ice time.



The only people allowed on the ice during practice or on the bench during games are those players rostered to the team and that team’s rostered coaches.  Having others on the ice or the bench invalidates the USA Hockey insurance and puts the head coach at risk for disciplinary action and potential lawsuit should an un-rostered individual be injured.  The USA Insurance coverage will not cover you or anyone on the ice, including an injured party.  The rule applies to player siblings, coaches other children, friends, and even those rostered on other KVHA teams. This is not optional, and coaches will be suspended immediately pending a hearing if it occurs. This is not a KVHA rule, but a USA Hockey / MAHA rule and it will be strictly enforced.



All coaches on the ice are required to wear a helmet. Guest ‘instructors’ on the ice with teams must also wear helmets.  It is the head coaches responsibility to make sure this is followed. If your team has someone come to your practice to work with your team and they are on the ice, they must have a helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS. These coaches must also be USA Hockey registered.  Again, failure to follow this policy puts the head coach at risk for disciplinary action. Both of these are USA Hockey rules and are not negotiable.