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Time/Score Keeper Duties & Scoresheets

Home teams are responsible for providing a scoresheet,  paying for referees (unless otherwise agreed upon) as well as securing a timekeeper and/or scorekeeper for home games.   

Music is optional and may be played during stoppages but it is recommended to have more than one person in the box when playing music.   Running the clock and ensuring score sheet accuracy is the first priority.

Timekeepers and Scorekeepers do not require any special certification and are typically parent volunteers.   It is recommended to have a few volunteers for this so they can rotate throughout the season.  Volunteers can practice running the clock during practices.

Prior to the beginning of a game: 
1. The head coach and assistant coaches must sign, print and write their CEP card number, CEP Level, and year obtained on the scoresheet. 
2. The Manager or Coach of each team shall list the players and goalkeepers who are eligible to play in the game, with the players correct jersey numbers.
3. Make sure the correct game # (if applicable), home team, visiting team, arena, date are listed. 
4. Home team must indicate start time and if a curfew game 
5. The Away team MUST circle and initial the curfew box if it is not checked indicating that he has not been notified that it is a curfew game. (Little Caesar’s will not hear protests on curfew clock games if the away coach does not initial that it was left blank) 
6. Both Head Coaches should sign the score sheet that they approve if any of the following occur prior to the start of the game:
• Only one referee is going to ref the game -pay accordingly based on ref company policy. According to LC rules, If both do not agree, then the game will be rescheduled at the away team’s rink at the expense of the home team.
• A change in the length of the scheduled periods, (shorter or longer) or a change in the curfew. 
• A team official or team family member has to ref the game. 
7. Have the referees PRINT their names on the bottom of the scoresheet. 
During the Game:
1. Keep your eyes and mind on the game and the clock. 
2. Pay attention to timed line changes, if applicable. 
3. Make sure that when you start/stop the clock, the clock responds correctly. 
4. As goals, assists and penalties occur, confirm that the jersey numbers for each match the roster. If they are not listed on the roster, verify with the team. 
5. Print goals, penalties, etc neatly on the game sheet, if you can’t read it, no one else can.  Having a blank piece of paper with you is a good way to make notes so you can refer back and mark the score sheet appropriately. 
After the Game: 
1. Complete the scoresheet
  • Fill in the end time 
  • Do not cross out the goal or penalty column 
  • Circle and * any Game Misconducts (Point those out to the referee so he/she can add notes if needed)
  • Have the referees initial their printed names 
2. Distribute the score sheet White – League, Yellow – home team, Pink – visiting team, unless the referee retains the score sheet to document a match penalty. In this case, you will need to wait for the Referee to give you the score sheet. 
3. The visiting team must verify that all the information is correct before accepting the pink copy. 
4. Don’t forget to turn off the heater and stereo in the timekeeper booth, if applicable. 
5. Please take all belongings and garbage. If the garbage bin is full, please alert rink personnel. 

Scoresheets & Score Boards

KVHA Scoresheets are available in the bottom slot of the KVIH Team Mailboxes, in the slot labeled "Scoresheets".  these should be used for scrimmage games

LCAHL or other league scoresheets should only be used for league games