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We are excited to have the expertise of Bandits Goaltending in our effort to develop our teams and grow the association.   

Having a dedicated goalie professional will lead to better goaltending overall, it will attract goalies to KVHA, and help with goalie retention.    With confident and skilled goalies, the overall talent level on our teams will increase, allowing our kids to realize more growth and success.  Goalies are highly specialized and while our parent coaches do a fantastic job with them, it is our intent to give some professional help to the teams that have not utilized a goalie coach before, or to those teams who may have gotten away from doing so.   This partnership will bring a new, fresh perspective and serve as a resource for trends and guidance as our goalies reach the next level and beyond.  

1on1 Puckmasters Training

Puckmasters 1-on-1 training is the fastest way to learn the game and improve on your individual skill set. Puckmasters can provide private training designed specific for each student. Our professional coaches will teach students proper skating techniques, puck skills, shooting and in-game IQ.

-Full Gear Required
-Call to Schedule Appointment
50950 Century Court, Wixom, MI 48393
(248) 926-5656
 1/2 mile from the intersection of Wixom and Pontiac Trail

Puckmasters Training Center -

Train With The Best!

Our one-on-one and team skills training professionals will customize a progressive program for you to help improve skating, stick handling, conditioning, puck control, shooting and understanding of the game. Since 2008, thousands of amateur, college and professional hockey players have improved their skills and made it to the next level.

Facility features:

  • 100'x44' Real Ice Rink
  • 60'x36' Real Ice Rink (w/ special goalie creases) 
  • Endless Ice Hockey Treadmill (1st in Detroit)
  • Full Hockey Specific Drills & Dryland Area
  • Full Olympic Weight Gym Area  
  • Comfortable Lobby With HD LCD TV's
  • Complete Locker Rooms W/ Showers